I am a fashion enthusiast. Creating content catered to style and lifestyle as I travel the globe. I am very passionate about telling the stories of creatives in the world as I see it.

Growing up, I first fell in love with fashion by watching my mother's fashion process. Her style was classy, yet effortless. The bold jewelry pieces, the pencil heels, and vibrant colour and prints. I never understood the process until my undergrad years in college. 

It was never about having current pieces, with my mother, it was all about her personal style. The intrigue turned into an obsession, which became a passion, which has now become my life. 

Africa really inspires fashion globally. We are popular for our bold colours, wild life, blue waters, tribal prints, bold patterns; zig zags, and irregular shapes and the colour black that is Africa in a nutshell. Our fashion industry is growing rapidly and serves as inspiration to the global fashion landscape. We have mounds of untapped talent, and creatives, who inspire me to tell their story.

I adapted elements of my mother’s confident style, my North American and global experiences and Ghanaian cultural influence, to create my own process, which I would like to share with you.