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That Hayet Rida- The Plus Size Look Book

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That Hayet Rida- The Plus Size Look Book

I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from a reader, who is plus sized and on the verge of tears. She finds shopping for clothes in Ghana a nightmare and pleaded for me to share my "top picks" for plus sized designer with her and other readers. Well my dear, luckily Hayet Rida and I collaborated on this plus size look book, where we shared our favorite African designers who serve the plus size family!

Before you jump to any of these stores, you must first understand your body. Comfort is key when selecting styles. Sit, walk around, make sure you feel good. A lot of the time, brands may not necessarily have your size on their racks, but you can place an order for a style that suits you.

We all love a great dashiki for those casual days. ASIKERE AFANA creates this purple top that we made into a dress! Dashiki's are basically shift tops great for hiding all tummy trouble areas. When picking your size, select one that fits the biggest area of your top half perfectly; your bust, and allow the rest of the dashiki to glide over the other areas. Be careful not to a pick a size to large. 

Shift dresses are heaven sent for any body type.We all have those days where we want to be comfortable and easy but this chic and stylish. As usual make sure it fits  your bust and under arm. This print from DIVA DELICIOUS, is an instant mood lifter! Throw on a statement necklace to compliment the shift dress.

I love this CHRISTIE BROWN jacket because it is working for Hayet's body in so many ways. The open chest and detailed arms draws attention straight there and away from the other stubborn areas. The jacket synchs her waist to give her definition and the peplum feature helps to hide any lower bulges in the gut. I challenged Hayet to wear shorts in this outfit to show off her long legs. Note, the shorts are not tight or figure hugging, but lightly graze her body.

Who says plus sized ladies can not wear crop tops? They are absolutely wrong! KEMI EDU (A.K.E) created this fun outfit with all the features we love. Statement skirt piece with the most gorgeous print and sequin detailing. A crop top with a mid knot to give Hayet that peek-a-boo skin moment. However there are some rules to wearing a crop top and being plus size. Your skirt or trousers must meet your top! This shows great fit without the side curves falling out. Just a little skin showing in the middle will do.

Hey AMEYO! Thank you for our twinning purple skirts! Hayet loved this volume skirt that synced her waist and gave that color pop. The tie dye top fell off her shoulder to expose a little skin with a flirty feel.

Work wear does not have to boring, grey and black. Try a fun print like this Yetunde Sarumi peplum skirt. The important feature about wearing pencil skirts and being plus size, is to make sure that the skirt sits on your natural waist and ends below your knee.Trust me, it elongates you! The peplum detail helps to hide any lower gut bulges. Go crazy with your print. Mismatch them, or add my all time favorite print buddy, the stripped shirt. Under no circumstance should your  stripped print that goes horizontal, because it widens your body. Vertical medium to small lines is the way to go. Throw on a blazer that hits your lower waist to mid thigh to reduce hip size, elongate and slim the body.

Another work wear option from POPUA POQU. Here she paired her wax print with stripes. I gave Hayet a colored heel, red lips and stud earrings. All she needs is a big tote and she is ready for the office!

Mina Evans Hayet rida afua rida plus size look book styled by rida.jpg

This maxi dress from MINA EVANS can be worn casually or to a formal event. Tweak your hair, accessories and make-up to suit the occasion. 

If you have any questions you would like me to answer in regards to dressing for your size, please leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to help.

Photography- Victor Fuentes

Make-up - Angelica Grizzard

Styled by Rida!

Body Positive fashion and lifestyle blogger.