Vintage Bliss

In the middle of a growing fashion industry, in the middle of innovation, designing and creations, Blossom and Wednesday stepped with something new. Or shall I say old, new. A new stand out style emerges, introducing quirky, cosmopolitan, eclectic, edgy style, all in the name of vintage. 

Team Blossom and Wednesday (BW), scrape the corners of the country, hand picking the best fashion pieces of the past for their store. They agree with me, that personal style should be an important part in everyone's story and pride themselves of creating a space where everyone can feel fashionable catered to.

Even though most of their products have been previously owned, you will find them in really good states, ready for a second chance in your care.

Welcome to my Blossom & Wednesday shop edit!

The most popular products are their vintage bag collection. Designer bag oldies but still so good, genuine leather finds so unique, you won't be able to walk away from. To help you get the complete vintage look, BW stocks clothes, shoes and accessories both for men and women. I tend to mix my modern gear with vintage quirky pieces. 

Above, I put together several pieces for my top picks in this shop edit.

Afua Rida Styled by Rida Blossom Wednesday Shop edit

People say scarves are an accessory of the past, but really and truly, they need to make a come back. Our necks, shoulders, bags and wrists deserve royal silk softness in their usual kaleidoscope of prints. 

afua rida styled by rida blossom and wednesday quarts shop edit

Nothing like a vintage clutch or purse to take your outfit from good to memorable.

I have heard many times over how hard it is to find great special jewelry pieces in Accra. You are welcome!

It was hard to pick just on bow tie for men. So they all made it to my favorites pile.

Afua Rida Styled by rida blossom and wednesday vintage wear quarets

My blouse, belt, earrings, bag, scarf and sunglasses were all pulled from the BW store.

afua rida styled by rida blossom and wednesday ghana fashion vintage quarts

To shop Blossom and Wednesday online click HERE. You can also follow them on instagram @blossomwednesday

Photography- Amokwei Quarshie

Body Positive fashion and lifestyle blogger.