Vlisco Prêt-a-Couture- The Journey PART 2

It has been two weeks since my first step with Pret-a- Couture with Vlisco. This personalized tailoring service began with me choosing my fabric, then a garment style from their style catalogue and then finally getting my measurements taken by the in house tailor, Philipa, assigned to me. 

Earlier to i went back at the Vlisco store to try on my outfit. Oh the zeal in my eyes as Philipa came out holding fabric i chose two weeks ago, revealing the style i selected, now sewn. Quickly I tried on my tailored outfit which slipped on like a glove and lay on me like second skin.

One of the few times I have tried on a tailored piece which fit very nicely on the first try. Stay tuned next week for when I take my Vlisco Pret-a- Couture outfit to an event!

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