In a career that requires you to constantly communicate with people on a daily basis, I have had to learn how to master the art of engaging,  delivery, and inquiry. Born timid in nature and the observer rather than the contributor, my world has changed in order to run a business, make a difference, encourage and influence many. In a world where the silent are seen as insecure and weak, (although we all know that is not true :) ), and the outspoken as the bold and strong, you almost have no choice. It was been a wonderful personal change and journey to be honest; discovering layers to myself I never knew existed. With change comes many lessons. I had to learn to remember to find my way back to "MY PEACE". It is important make time for those silent hours alone, with my thoughts, emotions and in prayer. When I find my center, feed myself with peace, I feel strengthened to push harder, learn more, create better and affect wider. 

I tried something new with my style and paired my Yartel off shoulder top with the ReneeQ Patch Skirt I recently picked up. Gypsy anyone? The patched skirt, famously known as "asaasa" in Ghana, is created by stitching together square pieces of different wax print fabric. No need to burn the midnight candle patching together your fabric, you can actually purchase rolls of this patch fabric in the market. 

The amazing new venture that ReneeQ embarked on is creating her own denim which she stitches to the wax print. I found the denim very soft and stretchy and moved with the print part of my skirt. I actually can not wait to see what is done next with their new denim venture.

Part of finding peace, in my case, also involves being comfortable. Comfortable in my setting and in what I am wearing.

My ears were adorned with Gold and precious stones from Amanda's Jewelry. One of the cutest stores in Accra, filled from shelf to shelf with rich Gold Coast Gold or Silver. I am really drawn to the little detailing in her work. You don't see this a lot these days in Jewelry stores.


Skirt- RenneQ @reneeqgh

Gold Earrings- Amanda's Jewelry (0543078840)

Make-up - Valerie Lawson

Photography- Amokwei Quarshie

Body Positive fashion and lifestyle blogger.