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The Pulse Of The City

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The Pulse Of The City

Osu, one of the busiest areas in Accra. This business hub can be described as "the pulse of the city". You are guaranteed to find hawkers and street vendors who line the streets selling anything and everything you can think of. The most popular street in Osu is Oxford Street, deriving its name from the original Oxford Street in London because of their similarities.

The street is dotted with with stores, places to eat, banks and shops. Any kind of business transaction you can think of can be done. You need it, Oxford street has it.

For my Friday look, I needed easy bottoms and choose my two print Christie Brown culottes, Kayobi T-shirt and HnM crop jacket to seal it off. The best outfit to maneuver around the vehicles.

I have been a fan of Kayobi T-shirts ever since the brand launched their "MAKE FUFU" collection. View his new collection HERE.

There are many little streets that intertwine and link the city together. They also serve as great traffic escape routes during the rush hour. On one of the street that leads to the Oxford street, we discovered a moped sitting pretty in  a corner. I just had to have it in the shoot! Peep my little friend to the side.

Outfit Details



Jacket- H&M

Photography- YAW PARE

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