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Personal Style

Hayet RidaComment
Personal Style

Thinking as far back into my high school days, personal style and individuality within my peers was quite scarce. Granted, we wore a uniform to school, so we had no choice, but on those "wear your own clothes" to school days, I still felt a uniform trend in clothing going on. There was either the sea of Timberland boots, the newest Jordan's or the oversized jerseys. At parties, the girls all wore the same backless tops and tight pastel sequin dresses with their cornrows just like Alicia Keys! I thought to myself, we are missing personal style. I was one of them. The disease of play it "safe-ism" was rampant amongst us. No on stood out! Fast forward to the present, I still see the same trends saturated within generations.

Fear is one factor holding us back from being that person we were meant to be. The fear of standing out and attracting too much attention to yourself. Although social norms are set in place to keep us, well, normal, there is always room for outliers. Those pace changers, rule breakers and trend creators. Those INDIVIDUALS who are always remembered, admired and of course emulated.

I have always admired this graffiti wall, which stands out in the residential area in Abelenpke, Accra. Unlike the other white or grey walls, This wall has personality, controversy and vibrance. 

Over the years, I realized how important it was to be yourself. There really is only one of each of us. It is our responsibility to give to the world what has been blessed to us, and style is just a fraction of that contribution. What makes you, you? What trend outside of the what everyone is wearing did you want to try next? Feel like having an all black wardrobe? Dying to get that green ombre dyed hair? Dreaming about that career path everyone thinks is crazy? The only way we can be the best versions of ourselves is when we figure out who that is and what that looks like.

 I am still on that journey to defining my style and who I am. Obediently and anxiously I ride along to destination me!


Top- Barkers- Woode

Skirt- Poqua Poqu

Sunglasses- Vasti Click HERE to see more

Shoes- Mo-Saique Shoes


Photography- Amokwei Quarshie

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