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An African City SS2 Episode 1- Another Return

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An African City SS2 Episode 1- Another Return

It was such an amazing experience working on the season 2 set of An African City with my team. Styling the five main female characters, with five very different personalities, style, and experiences this season on the show, brought of challenges, great fun and fulfillment. With every episode, my hope is to bring to you, some fashion and behind the scenes highlights using the unedited, raw images captured during filming. This is to celebrate, the designers, artists, set designers and my team who really helped make the fashion for season 2 happen. So here we go… Episode 1; ANOTHER RETURN

The opening scene!

Ngozi- jacket and skirt- CHRISTIE BROWN, pure- DOTS FASHION, necklace- BDI BY AMITIBEY

Zainab. jacket- RENEEQ, skirt- TOTALLY ETHNIK, shoes- MOSIAQUE

Nana Yaa's cousin returns to the Mother Land!!!!

Adomaa's Necklace- Afiyo


The ladies get Salmon at Bread and wine to Adomaa's disgust. 

Ngozi. Dress- BESTOW ELAN, earrings and purse- KUA DESIGNS

Nana Yaa. dress & purse- BROWN SUGAR, earrings- TEBAZILE, shoes- MOSAIQUE

Zainab. jumpsuit- MEENA, jewelry- TEBAZILE, shoes- MOSAIQUE

Makena. jacket- RAFIA, dress- 1981, shoes- UNIQUE FOOTWEAR, purse- ZAZAII, earrings-TEBAZILE, cuff- KUA DESIGNS

Sade. jumpsuit- ALTA EGO, earrings- KUA DESIGNS

Behind the scenes wight he ladies!

Behind the scenes wight he ladies!

Zainab. blouse- BESTOW ELAN, skirt- RAFFIA, shoes- MOSAIQUE

Makena. necklace- CHEMPHE BEA, top- OSEI DURO, shoes- UNIQUE FOOTWEAR, purse- DOTS FASHION

Ngozi- blouse- OSEI DURO, skirt- KOLEKI, necklace- AFIYO, purse- DOTS FASHION, shoes- UNIQUE FOOTWEAR


Nana Yaa. Fascinator- DOTS FASHION, top- BOMBCHEL, skirt- CHEMPHE BEA, shoes- MOSAIQUE

"Returnee rule number 7, accept that other returnees will come back, but they must come home their own way, to  what coming home means to them."

Nana Yaa. Crop top - Adjepomaa, Bag- Anago, Necklace- Orné

"As for Makeena she was evaluating something very "Un- African""

Makena. White Shirt-  1981, Red Lingerie- Aha Intimates

Off to Tumu for this one. 20 hour car ride to her funeral destination.

Zainab. jacket- L.A.X from ZAZAII, necklace- CHRISTIANA PARKER

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