This year I promised myself to laugh more and play more. First thing on my list was to finally master the Smart Balance Wheel or "hover board" ! For anything that involves two wheels, no handles and a lot of balance is sure to bring lots of joy, great stories and a close relationship with gravity. I had been on it a few times, but it was time to really let loose, pick up the speed, and HAVE SOME FUN!!!!

For this I called on two models I work with a lot, Efia and Maria, to tackle these boards together. They had never been on them before so there was a lot of the initial slip offs, misbalance, and of course ground contact. Eventually we got the hang off it, and soon we were zipping, speeding around corners and running circles around each other. Smart balance Wheel, conquered! There was no walking for the next three hours!!!!!

For this shoot, my T-shirt is from Kwame Adjaye, which he calls the "Elizabeth Pop Tee". It is completely covered in crystals, jazzing up your casual days! I tucked the T-shirt into my wide palazzo pants from Yartel. Hover Board action glam ready!! ;D

Efia is popularly known as the quirky model! I first met her at an audition for a fashion show and she stood out form the other models, with her boyish look yet classy temperament. Her remarks were sharp, sarcastic and confident. She was just different, we had to have her in our show!

Maria is one of the strongest posers I know. She commands the camera on shoots and you might get drawn into her eyes as she hits the runway. When she isn't working however, she is a pleasant ball of laughter infecting everyone around her.


I pulled the pieces I put on the girls all from Akataasia Clothing, a men and women's apparel brand. I loved working with this fashion house because of the wide variety of pieces they had. I could easily rearrange the outfits Maria and Efia are wearing above, creating new outfits. That is how you know you have a great ready to wear brand. Clients feel confident in buying your product because they can use it in many different ways  over time.

Laughter and being happy is one of the easiest and enjoyable ways to stay healthy. Surrounding yourself with good people who bring you joy and support and of course, taking moments to do things you love and consider fun!




Thank you Efia and Maria for the wonderful afternoon you spent with me.

Thank you Quarets for the images.

Valerie Lawson, our faces were beat to the heavens!

Alvin Bekoe, thank you for the Creative Direction and fun, laughter filled afternoon we will never forget.

To you my readers. I hope you enjoyed the post, and thank you for stopping by!!!!


- Afua xoxo

Body Positive fashion and lifestyle blogger.