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A Few Things About Me

Hayet Rida5 Comments
A Few Things About Me

It has been such pleasure receiving so many messages and e-mails from some of you. You send well wishes and kind words and often have questions for me. In this blog post, I would like to answer a few of those questions. I apologize if your question was not answered but I just had to pick out the most frequently asked questions. So here we goooooo!

1. I am Ghanaian and yes I am mixed with Lebanese.

2. I was born in the 1987 the year Candy by Cameo came out (YouTube it! I love the fashion at that time) , Bad by Michael Jackson and Let's Wait A While by Janet Jackson!

3. A lot of you seem to remember me from your different high schools or universities, (lol) but I went to Ghana International School for most of my education and then to Concordia University in Montreal for my undergrad degree.

4. My first special encounters with fashion was experiencing it through my mom's everyday outfits growing up. She was really high fashion; pencil heels, big earrings and mixing prints and colors all over the place. My older sister was also pretty fashionable but more on the tomboy side. I like to think that I am blend of both of these two styles except I don't show my tomboy side as often on the blog.

I also used to watch CNN a lot (yes I was that weird kid who loved the news???) There was a style show back in the day on CNN that catapulted me to the runways in New York, and Paris. Models. designers and the trends and clothes. I think this when the fashion seed was planted.

5. Yes I do have my favorite Ghanaian designers but at different times, I love a little bit from everyone. My favorite international designers are, Anita Quash, Loza Maléombho, Lisa Folawiyo, Meena and Lanre Dasilvaa. Outside of Africa I love Stella Jean, Delpozo, Chloe girl to the core,  Viktor and Rolf who give me life, Zimmermann, and Toni Maticevski who knows how to melt my heart. I was never a Gucci fan growing up but this brand has had an amazing last two years and I think they might be winning me over!

6. So the most common misperception I keep getting is that I am a designer. I am not officially. The clothes you see me wear are from various designers in Africa. I usually tag them in my social media posts and credit them at the bottom of my blog posts. I am a style blogger and stylist. The clothes I wear online are clothes I have purchased or borrowed to blog about. It is important to me to connect the producers to the consumers, you my readers, while taking you on my personal style journey. I do design for my clients once in a while. I usually like to leave it to the designers and guide when necessary.

7. If I were to choose between shoes and bags, I would choose shoes for sure! Loved this question! hahahaha. Fashion pieces I can not do without; Baggy shirt (that can be interchanged as a top or really short dress), shorts, black stripy heels, my rings, burgundy lipstick and well manicured nails and toes!

8. Yes yes yes my hair is all mine! I know the texture has been a bit confusing to a few of you. It used to be fully relaxed but now it is half natural and half relaxed. I am currently transitioning to my hair's natural state. Wish me luck. This may be the best thing I ever did or a complete disaster but I am remaining optimistic. No I am not "team natural" I am TEAM ME! I think everyone should do to their hair what feels good to them. Natural, weave, braids, relaxed or cut real low. Heck dye it pink or grey ;). 

9.  I get a lot of requests to mentor young designers and stylists. This is something that speaks to my heart, and I will be working on something where I can get to each and everyone of you interested to learn, by God's Grace. 

10. What makes me happy? Love, peace and understanding. Talk, to one another and spread positivity, ALWAYS!

I get delighted when I see designers in Ghana finally start to move into their true selves, expressing it through their work. It is very easy to just copy a model that has worked for someone and believe me. Too many creatives are staying safe because, well it is safe. I believe that when you tuned yourself to you, you create your best work and the world will applaud,  

I must say I, to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this. Thank you all so much for reading my posts each time, supporting me and for expressing your curiosity. THANK YOU!

My outfit today is from Poqua Poqu from her Spring Summer 17 collection. This outfit will be sold in her store so look out for that.

Thank you to photographer Sarah Sarks. I enjoyed working with you and Selassie Atstisogbui. Your music play list is BOMB!!

top and skirt | POQUA POQU

photographer | SARAH SARKS

photography assistance | SELASSIE ATSTISOGBUI

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