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Behind My Scenes | 2016

Hayet Rida1 Comment
Behind My Scenes | 2016

The year 2016 is coming to an end. As much as it was a challenging year for a lot of us, there were many great  moments worth reliving. As I move into  2017, I would like to take a look back with you my readers to some of my happy moments on set.

During my time shooting on the streets of Accra, I have had many of you walk up to me to have a little chat and even pose right next to me for the camera. I must say those are the moments about my job I love the most. Shooting in the sun for hours is not easy, but your stories, jokes, shared dances, hugs and littles waves make this all worth it!

Thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging. YOU ROCK!!!

So enjoy the behind the scenes images below and be sure to drop me a comment below, especially if you recognize yourself ;).


My first shoot of 2016 with the construction workers who loved a good shot as much as I do.

Images by Jeffery Quaye (@q_photos)

To Nicole Amarteifio and the five ladies who makeup the stars of the hit web series "An African City", Thank youuuu! Learnt so much from each of you individually. Thank you for the opportunity and the love.

Team Vlisco and The One Event, Thank you!

The hard working roasted plantain seller with a huge vision for his business and personal appearance. A true inspiration.

During my "Osu shoot" I met the cutest little girl who gave the best advice in terms of where to stand in the shots. She also featured in the background.

Images by Yaw Pare

The shoot at the 5th Avenue building at Cantonments was such joy. We got stop almost every few minutes by passers by who wanted to interact!

Images by Foto Depo Ghana

I love a curious mind and they always come from children. As usual they start off staring and stand closer than most adults would. This little guy came right over (confidence on the highest level) and demanded that we show him what were doing. he got a quick photography lesson, a little candy from me and of course we had to take a picture together. Can you say SWAAGGG!!!

Image by Kwabena Marmo

My Luxoca shoot at The 5th Avenue Building

Image by Foto Depo

The truck driver / model at James Town Beach front

Image by One Photos

Last but not least, my favorite moment with the young yam seller. She really blessed the team with her presence that day. I pray it made an impact in her life.

To all the designers who I have worked with so far, I say thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent with us producing the most amazing pieces! Below; Elom Fiagbe and I during our photo shoot!

Image by Ben Bond

To my two amazing creative directors, Alvin Bekoe and Kobby Adu (above). You really blessed me this year pushing the creativity and encouraging me to dig deeper. Thank you! 

Without you the photographers Foto Depo Ghana, Ben Bond, Jeffery Quay and Apag Studios, One Photos, none of my blog posts would be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I mean if you guys have to deal with my crazy ideas and deadlines.... :p 

Image by Apag Studios

Image by Apag Studios

To the make-up brush gurus, Valerie Lawson, Hamid and Debbie Beeko, Thank you. Image above is a behind the scenes shot with Maame Adjei for her "Girl Going Places" shoot. Love you Maame!

Without you Foto Depo Ghana,Apag Studios, Ben Bond, Jeffery 

To my darling Hayet, it is a new year coming! Lets do thissssss! 


Happy new Year everyone!

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