Saki Cole

In what seemed like my endless search for the right location to shoot this blue batik Saki Cole outfit, I finally stubbled upon a group of fishermen. They sat, calmly content in an elevated area close to ocean shores in James Town. "Immediately!" the whole team thought\ gasped\ shouted. "On the fishing net!!!!!" Did the fishermen mind? Not really.. They appointed themselves as chief critics of my poses. Team work!

Saki Cole is one of the fashion design houses that sprung up this year. Even though the brand is new on the scene, their creative directer isn't. Netty Anang who has worked in the industry for five years, finally settles in with her new baby; Saki Cole.

Saki Cole's debut collection was born out of a love for simple, expensive silhouettes and prints made in Ghana; exactly my kind of party. 

I love outfits like these because of the versatility of them. I can separate the top and bottom and wear them with other pieces. A stylist's dream!

He asked to model, I agreed and he killed it.

Thank you for passing by! xoxox

outfit | SAKI COLE

photography | One Photos

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