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Duaba Serwa | The Kada Print

Hayet RidaComment
Duaba Serwa | The Kada Print

" A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture, designed to enhance the proportions of the female body" Christian Dior

I have always likened Duaba Serwa dresses to architecture. A retail investment, that was structurally pieced together, inch by inch with the complexity and beauty of the female body in mind, finished off with the attitude of discipline and respect for the woman who will wear it.

After concurring the African fashion scene, with intricately fascinating beaded detailed gowns, on runway after runway, Duaba Serwa has created for herself a spot on the list on industry pioneers  carving out the new Ghanaian fashion industry. I have always found every piece she creates stand alone pieces, in their personal world, but still finding space in the grand picture, when you look at the full collection they came from.

This is was my best stand out piece from her last collection, which debuted at ITC fashion show in Rome. The lime green cocktail made from the unique, yet sentimentally culturally familiar, KADA fabric from Pakistan. The motifs are exquisitely Asian, yet so relatable to our Ghanaian and African culture.

Head designer Nelly Degbee introduced the art of smocking her cotton fabric specifically, to enhance the features and architecture of her dresses. Smocking is the act of folding and stitching fabrics in a specific pattern and direction. On this dress, only the sleeves were smocked. In others, as much as the whole garment is smocked in different directions creating the illusion of the use of multiple fabrics.

It has been year or so since Duaba Serwa created a new collection. I patiently await the next generation of the growing simplistic collections. The brand hopes to further open up to the different clients and price point preferences.

Until then I will linger in my mint green Kada dreams.

Dress- Duaba Serwa

Photography- Tyler Adams Leiby

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