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Vlisco x Stylista- The Power Houses Combine

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Vlisco x Stylista- The Power Houses Combine

Fabric manufacturer VLISCO joins forces with STYLISTA in what is the first of a series of collaborative collections with Ghana's finest designers. 

At the Vlisco flagship store STYLISTA launched her capsule collection made up of 20 captivating designs using the very loved "Woven Wisdom" Vlisco fabric collection.

"We are excited to unveil the first line in our Capsule Collection series as we know Ghanaian women are constantly searching fro impeccable design quality lives up to the superior of timeless Vlisco fabrics," said Vlisco Marketing Director Stephen Badu, "this collection delivers that to our customers and effortlessly combines style with flawless quality."

Stylista is well known for always incorporating Vlisco fabric in her ready-to- wear collections in her store. Vlisco is always her top choice because of the high quality. She appreciates the collections the fabric company releases four times a year. With each collection it is easy to blend different fabrics and use them in creative effortless ways.


Stylista enjoyed working the current collection' "Woven Wisdom" because the fabrics spoke to the two extreme sexes. With the debut of the salmon against other vibrant colors, she felt it inspired feminine cuts and dresses. The darker colour combinations inspired the masculine jacket structures. The shapes and motifs used in the fabric is what she usually uses to guide how she places the fabric and patterns.

I have always been  fan of the brand Stylista and how she plays with fabric, highlights and compliments them. Her clients rave about how they stand out and feel good about the outfits she puts on them. 

“Our brand has always been closely linked to Vlisco as we have a deep respect for their timeless, classic fabrics and genuinely love designing them into pieces that empower women and make them feel truly confident and special,” said Araba Akompi, owner and Creative Director of Stylista.

To see more of the Capsule collection by STYLISTA and Vlisco, visit the Vlisco store, where you can pick out fabric and get details on how to order from Stylista.

Watch out for the next capsule collections coming out later on this year.

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