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Tasting The Orange Culture

Hayet RidaComment
Tasting The Orange Culture

I have always been a fan of the Orange Culture men's fashion brand from Nigerian. Season after season, Bayo, the head designer continued to blow my mind with his modern, easy breezy take on men's fashion. He proved that you do not always need to be structure and high shouldered to be well dressed and "forward".

For his F/W 2014 collection; "H.E.R", the Nigerian brand took to the screen printing technique on silk, organza, and soft cotton.

I was overjoyed to get my hands on this silk shacket, as Bayo calls it, with the Adesuwa print, in honor of his mother. Even though the brand caters to men, mainly, I always find it quirkily fun, as the broad shouldered, and long arm dimensions hangs on my frame. I am very open to pieces meant for the opposite sex especially with artistic prints that I can easily print block with. Remember these palazzo pants from the "hover board" post? The greens in both outfit pieces blend in so well and yet pleasantly contrast each other with their prominent different colours.

Never in accessory shape without my Orné pieces. I especially love the visual when many gold pieces are used at the same time, channelling an immature Mr. T don't you think?

It was a pleasure walking this Labrador Retriever around the Airport Residential Area. Calm in his presence but deliberate in his steps and pull. His shiny black fur, glistened in the sun, almost making the Accra a little bit bearable. Yes I love dogs!!!!!!!


palazo pants- YARTEL

shoes- ALDO

hand jewelry- ORNÉ

earrings- J.CREW

photography- YAW PARE

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