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5th Avenue

Hayet Rida2 Comments
5th Avenue

Driving around Accra, on a quiet Sunday is one of my favorite things to do. I get to observe and discover buildings and areas I wouldn't necessarily have time to on a busy weekday. 

In the Cantonments area, I spotted the strikingly modern, clean, office building named after the street that it was built on, 5th Avenue. The structure, minimalist and simple in demeanor and yet complex in its never ending corners and right angled points, drew me to find out more about it. 

5th Avenue was built to house cooperate companies in a part of Cantonmets which does not have such high rise structures. The aim was to build it, with the beauty moving inside out, creating a courtyard feeling. It is very easy to forget about what is going on outside of the building, as all the windows face each other. The idea was to open the building from the inside. The shape of the building also happens to save a lot of energy and reduces sunlight cast on the office occupants, because of the shadows the sides cast on each other. 

So I have a couple of black and white pieces in my closet and decided to layer them on all at once for this work look! LOL.

I love a great print blocking opportunity. I ceased the moment, matching together at first glance the seemingly unmatchable. My jacket is an exciting print resembling something out of an East African tribe. The black lapels on the jacket allowed me to drape it over my Barkers-Woode print shirt, acting as a separation barrier. I tucked the shirt into my floral print skirt with larger motifs. My belt was the perfect barrier between the shirt and skirt. As you can see the key to having liked colored prints work together is to have accessories break the flow of the prints. This allows each print to standout.

My work bags are usually larger than the one I use here, simply to allow me to carry my lap top everywhere I go. You never know when you can stop, drop, scroll. 

The snake skin purse adds further texture to the outfit. 

Thank you for reading this style post. Hope you live 5th Avenue as much I do!



skirt- YARTEL

shoes- Asos

Photos of me- OAB Photography

Photos of 5th Avenue Building- Amfo Connolly



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