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Marian Sama Fletcher | Zingly

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Marian Sama Fletcher | Zingly

Marian Sama Fletcher, graduate from Radford university created Zingly, for her fourth year collection. I interviewed her about her experience below.

AR- Why did you choose to enroll at Radford University?

MF- I came to Radford because I needed a degree that will help me improve my creativity in the process and it was the only university offering a degree in fashion then.

AR- What was the experience like?

MF- its been an awesome experience which has given me a platform to explore the various aspects of the fashion industry.

AR- WHat has your growth been like?

MF- Well, I've grown from being a regular dress maker into a strong up coming brand, a fashion stylist, illustrator ,consultant, and an entrepreneur amongst others.

AR- Tell me about the journey with your collection and your syllabus.
MF- It has been a beautiful journey I must say. Working with safety pins and fabrics wasn't any easier than I expected but nothing good comes easy. So the struggle to achieving all ten garments produced was involved a lot of time, necessary skills applied from the numerous sewing techiques lectures and most importantly the cost involved, a huge one as that.  My school syllabus has been a key instrument in my personal development and as a fashion designer. Especially the research development and range building classes that inspired me to create beautiful pieces for my first collection and widen my horizon and knowledge on creativity.

AR- What was the inspiration for the collection?
MF-  I was inspired by the corrugated galvanisedroofing sheets and the umbrella nails used in fastening the metal roofing sheets unto the supporting wooden structure. The ridges on the sheets inspired texture and the juxtaposition of layers, to create unified design and the umbrella nails inspired the use of safety pins.

AR- What is your creative direction?
MF- I am celebrity and personal styling focused for now. I am style driven hence I would want to explore the creativity of styling based on my experiences while in school and further knowledge I've obtained from work.

AR- What are your future plans?
MF- For now, I will begin my national service. While I do that, I will be making customised outfits for individuals. For the future, my brand seeks to be a household name in Ghana and beyond.

Best of luck Sama!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

Images by Foto depot Ghana

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