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An African City | Unpacking The Nude Shoot

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An African City | Unpacking The Nude Shoot

Last year I had the honor of working on the An african City set for season 2 with these gorgeous talented actresses. Below are the images of one of my favorite group media shots. Favorite I say because, for starters they all looked and felt their most confident as a unit, and the colour scheme\ spectrum, I loved to bits! It said take me on a desert tour with these gorgeous beings!  Below I break down each outfit with each actress.


Zainab, played by actor, producer and artist, Maame Adjei. She is our shea butter power CEO, kick ass lady. Her character's attire is always lady like and professional, ready for that spontaneous meeting she might have to run to. So I thought, lets glam her up with high slit skirt and give the super lady a cape!

cape & skirt | CHRISTIE BROWN   top | KORLEKI   shoes | MOSAIQUE  


Sassy, sassy, sexy lady, Sade,  is played by the effortlessly talented actress and quite brilliant in person, Nana Mensah. Here she wears a body con knit gown by Korleki, a brand my team and I went crazy over on set. We then laid a heavy duty, dramatic and elaborate neck collar  by Anita Quash. Sade makes statement with everything. In clothing, dramatic speech or in bed with the fellas!


Makena played by Marie Humbert. Her style was a personal favorite because it resembled mine. Don't get me wrong, I loved all the characters' style but this was just more relatable. Clean lines, unusual prints, white shirts, shoulder jackets, and some masculinity thrown in there. Modern designs with hints of her African heritage.

dress | 1981  necklace | ANITA QUASH LONDON

Ngozi, the conservative one, is played by Eossa, the creative entrepreneur in her real life. Her "scaly" layered gown was constructed by CHEMPHAE BEA

Last but definitely no the least, Nana Yaa,  is played by Maame Yaa Boafo. I had a ton of fun with her character because unlike the others, we pulled inspiration and looks and styles from all kinds of trends! NO LIMITS!!!!

dress | MEENA  earrings | AFRODESIAC WORLDWIDE  shoes | MOSAIQUE



Photography by Steven Adusei | Make-up by SO Aesthetics  | Styling by Afua Rida

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