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2017 | My Hopes

Hayet Rida3 Comments
2017 | My Hopes

Every year during the last few days of December I begin to get the sense of newness. As if everything negative from the current year is about to be evaporated, like it never existed. I get very excited at thought of a brand new year with new months, new days and opportunities to get things in the right lane. To work hard and love harder and gain a new level of responsibility and integrity. To live better and love self unconditionally. To select glossier hues to paint my world brighter filled with positivity, success and faith.

This year as the clock struck 12am signaling the new year 2017, I looked around me. There was happiness. Not a gloomy face or negative vibe in sight. There were fire works above me and screems of joy from every corner. Everyone was hugging, kissing, loving each other and enjoying the moment. " Wow!" I thought. I wish I could freeze this moment and experience it whenever I wanted during the year. That was when I decided to create this for myself everyday. Maybe not as much glitter, fire works and golden champagne, but the vibe.

I do not have to wait till 1st January to fill my thoughts with a renewed sense of self or joy. I didn't have to wait to hug and kiss and sing and share laugher. This could be my everyday, where my faith stayed high in God and the people I trusted and in myself. Where I see every new day as a new opportunity to be better than yesterday, touch somebody, and spread love and happiness. I know you are probably rolling your eyes right about now, thinking, "what kind of world does Afua think she is living in ?" I am not asking for perfection. I am simply challenging myself to see things in a brighter light for as many days as I can within each year. The plan for 2017 and beyond!

The sequin frock I am wearing was created by Diva Delicious. Creative directer Sandi Owusu has lead this company to 10 years of fresh creative designs, and they are just getting started. I hardly do sparkle ever, but there was something special about this gown. It was lined with black fabric reducing the shine of the silver rectangular sequin on top. I further softened the dress with a cotton white jacket from H&M. 

To add to the dazzling effect, I turned to Tracy J for some diamond jewelry. Fused O earrings and tennis bracelets.

I am looking forward to an amazing year with yummy readers bringing you the best fashion collaborations. Leave me a comment below if you wish to see anything special. Thank you all reading every week!


jacket | H&M

jewelry | TRACY J

Photography by Foto Depot Ghana

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