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Hotel Indigo | Lower East Side, New York

Hayet Rida1 Comment
Hotel Indigo | Lower East Side, New York

New York and I have always had a thing going on. I would escape from Montreal to New York whenever I needed a moment during my college days. Or when I was in the need for a little adventure. This time around, coming back to New York, I found myself embarking on a new kind of adventure, in the four walls of the Hotel Indigo, in the Lower East Side.

Once I walked into the hotel it was apparent that this would not just be any kind of hotel experience and that it would be special. On the lower floor, I got the sense that the hotel was and extension of the area that it was found in. A major key for travelers, I thought to myself. You still feel as if you are on the streets, even though you are inside. The Hotel Indigo Boutique hotels boast of the commitment to making each hotel different, decor wise, according to the unique neighborhood and area it is in. Well who ever had that idea definitely had the right idea. 

Jacket by Selly Raby Kane (Senegal)

Up to the 14th floor where the actual reception is, the real fun begins! A mural created by popular graffiti artist Lee Quiñones, sculptures, paintings all placed around in no official order or colour scheme. It was like an art exhibition except you could also check in, use the work spaces or lounge or have a snack. It was the right depiction of the creative arts are the hotel was in; The Lower East Side in New York.

The room felt so homely and warm, created by the choice of tropical colour accents.

Mr Purple is the popular rooftop bar and lounge with a 360 surround view of the city and outdoor heated pool. 

Jacket by Renaissance  (Ghana)

The Hotel Indigo can be found almost all over the world in the Americas, Europe and Asia. My dream is to try out the different spots and discover the many cultures of Hotel Indigo.

Images and Creative Direction by Alvin Bekoe

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