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Patagonia | Steak House And Sea Food Grill

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Patagonia | Steak House And Sea Food Grill

Tucked underneath AMPM, the ground floor of the Village Alto, lays Patagonia. Accra's best kept culinary secret. I love fine dinning, especially when it involves a lot of sea food. If you have been following me long enough, you would noticed that I am slightly obsessed. Discovering that Patagonia was quite a treat. Patagonia, gets its name, Patagonia from the ice fields, mountains and dreamlike landscapes with forests spanning from Argentina into Chile.

Let the culinary adventure begin! 

 With inspiration from South America, never-frozen house-aged beef and a carefully curated selection of fresh caught seafood, Executive Chef Beatechil Jonkers goes wild with flavors you’d never expect. Country delicacies such as Empanadas, Carbonada and Cazuela (a local meat stew) or thick cut steaks smothered in Chimichurri sauce, stay firm favorites for the wild foodie

The perfect date-night experience,  a casual meal shared over business or with family and friends.


A cozy environment awaits you at Patagonia. The walls are covered in the warmest beige, green palette with bronze highlights. Mood lighting sets you at easy, ready to comfortable delve into your meal. My favorite part of the decor is the middle table and chair setting with the ra Dom burst of orange color and cow skin sofa covering.  

WARNING! Mouth watering dish images await you below.


On my visit to Patagonia I had the pleasure of tasting a few dishes such as the Chimichurri crusted grouper fish.


The Seared Tuna Salad


Chimichurri crusted grouper fish.


The Seafood Bisque


Grilled Rabeye Steak


Lastly and definitely not the least, The Duck Fat Sautéed Potatoes


Now you know all about this fascinatingly diverse restaurant. Patagonia is not a secret anymore. Make a reservation and enjoy!

+233501619311 , www.patagoniagh.com

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