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How To Look Graceful In A Short Skirt

Hayet Rida6 Comments
How To Look Graceful In A Short Skirt

Wearing short skirts can honestly be one of the cutest things women do. They are fun, easy to maneuver and show off your amazing legs. On the other hand there are some precautions, one must take. Things to think about before you wear short skirts. Apart from the obvious; making sure your underwear in concealed, staying away from wind, not sitting on dirty surfaces and making sure there is no one underneath or behind you while climbing stairs, staying decent in short skirts is a slippery slope. I have a few theories tried and tested that could help you out.

1. Keep the balance. A neat trick is to always balance out your mini skirt, showing a lot of skin with a top that doesn't show much skin. I would usually match my skirts with baggy tops, long sleeved tops or jackets, often with high neck lines. If the skirt is short and fitted, I tend to definitely opt for baggy tops. This theory helps to keep you out of the "trashy looking" category. 

2. Keep the drama on one end. Certain skirts may come with tons of drama and exciting features on them. In that case, make sure that the top that you are wearing is of a simpler style. Solidly  colored and preferably plain. The visa versa rule applies here. If you must wear the top with all the bells and whistles, keep your skirt plain and simple. This helps to maintain class and decency. 


3. Keep your accessories minimal. A lot of women make the mistake of over accessorizing when their outfits are tight, short and already risqué. They over do it with the long big hair, bangles, large earrings and then a truck full of makeup! (Jesus take the wheel!) That is a one way ticket to "trashy land"! When you are already showing so much skin and you want to make sure that all other areas are not making your appearance more alarming. Keep your hair sleek or simple. Opt for natural or natural glam makeup and if you can cancel out the accessories. Stud earrings, a watch or skinny bracelet will do!

4. Be dress code appropriate. Short skirts are great but make sure you wear then to the right places. Do not wear them to activities that will involve a lot of body movement, such as sporting fairs, children parties or to adventurous touristy locations. You will become "That woman" and you will be very uncomfortable. More time will be spent trying not to expose your underwear than enjoying the event. To cocktails, and formal events, you can not wear short skirts or dresses. You will stick out like a sore thumb and be perceived as that one person who didn't care.

5. Stay confident. Nothing like a women in a short skirt looking like a million bucks, graceful with confidence and a great attitude. People will immediately feel drawn to you and think, "Oh I bet she's a great person" and not "Oh look at that lady in the short skirt, she seems out of place and awkward!"


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