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Love Day

Hayet Rida2 Comments
Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day my friends. You could be anywhere on this love day, but you are here, reading my blog!!!! I really want to express my love and gratitude to all of you who come on here regularly. I love your comments and suggestions!

This valentine's Day I decided to go another colour route. Instead of the love colour red,  I chose a black pant suit with romantic elements. I am super crazy about brooches and so instead of using just one or two, I clustered a gazillion of them at my shoulder in and organized chaotic manner. A little spot of BLING BLING! I got the brooches from one of my favorite accessory suppliers, The Walking Closet! They have quirkiest, fun and creative brooch collection. I go especially crazy for the animal ones.

Lace is such a romantic fabric. I chose this cord black floral lace for my trousers. A little risky with the see through bit, I agree, but have no fear I have the right undergarments on! If you would like to repeat this outfit, you could try lowering the length of your jacket so it stops just at the mid thigh!

My outfit would not be complete without my red lips!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope your valentine's Day is electrified with lots love! Chao!


jacket | ZARA

pants | self designed

Photographs - Jeffery Quaye


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