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Just The Two Of Us

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Just The Two Of Us

It is always a pleasure having my sister Hayet Rida back home in Ghana to visit. I hardly see her during the year, and so we always make it count when we see each other. A while back we ventured into James Town and to the art centre with photographer Kwame Appah from One photos. It was a mix of sight seeing and  of course creating amazing photographs to share with you all. Kwame always has so much patience with Hayet and I because we just get caught up in everything. The art, our culture, the nature, and our favorite, the people. We get lost in their personal stories, their craft and creativity and respond with one million questions!!! We fall in love with our culture over and over again!

It is very important for us to understand and celebrate where we are from, Ghana. To share who we are to the world and spread the wonderful news about our culture. There is still som much for us to learn, but slowly but surely.

It was hard to hear from the art centre venders that, it is the foreigners who buy their products the most and show a significant amount of interest int he background stories of the pieces. This took my mind to fashion over seas. Very often I see inspiration in collections that resemble something from Ghana or actually is the exact replica, reproduced and slapped with a price to reflect the price range of that brand. I wish we could flaunt our culture more, claim it with pride and not wait for others to show us how beautiful it is and how it can be used. I wish we wouldn't wait for others to start making money off of what is ours before we take ourselves seriously. Are we just too familiar, that it becomes an easy oversight? What do you think? Leave me a comment below, I would love to know.

Hope you enjoyed our little picture album from our adventures! Have a blessed day.


dress | STUDIO 189

pant suit | SAKI COLE




Photography by Kwame Appah | One Photos

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