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The Formal Dress Code Break Down

Hayet RidaComment
The Formal Dress Code Break Down

I am often inspired on what blog topics to write when I meet some of you my readers. One of the reoccurring issues and questions I get are about what on earth to wear to the different events and their specific dress codes?!!!?  Casual? Semi- casual?  Formal? Black tie???  I feel your pain guys.  I will try my best to dissect that for you here, starting with the formal event.

The formal dress code is used at events with extravagant ceremony. Formal events can be broken down into white tie and black tie. White tie events are the most formal. Men wear tuxedos; which have a black jacket with tails, white bow tie and an optional white vest. Women wear floor length evening gowns in dark colours with the most extravagant fabric, such as tafta, lace or satin, usually in dark colours.

The black tie dress code for men involves a black tuxedo jacket and black bow tie with an optional vest. Women wear dresses floor length gowns.

The black tie optional is a notch below black tie. Men can wear black tuxedos or dark suits. Women may wear dressy cocktail dresses.

Things not to do

On the African  continent, just like other continents, there exits traditional wear which can be worn during formal events. Men have to be careful not to wear traditional sandals at formal events. Full dress shoes in black or brown is the way to go. For The ladies as well, your slip ons can be saved for less formal events. Make sure there is a strap behind your heel.

Women should try to have their dresses cover the shoes fully or just baring the front part. Dresses where your entire feet and ankles can be seen are not appropriate.

Full sequin fabric is usually not the best idea for a formal event. If it is mixed with other fabrics such as lace or cotton can reduce the disco feel.

Women should try to keep their jewelry less playful and more along the lines of gold, diamonds, rare gems and stones and traditional formal beads.

Women should keep their hair neatly coiffed and less easy going. Men must also be neatly barbered, 




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