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Nail Etiquette | Polish'd Beauty Bar

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Nail Etiquette | Polish'd Beauty Bar

Once a week I post up an image of my last manicure by Polish'd Beauty Bar. I do this not because I love to show my nails off (lol), but really to communicate the fact that having well done nails is just as important as your outfit or hairstyle. Your nails are the finishing touches to any look and good manners if you ask me. Together with Polish'd Beauty Bar, we have produced  Dos and DON'Ts list when it come to your nails.


  • Get a full manicure and pedicure twice to once a month.

  • If you love nail polish, change the colour or reapply for a perfect finish at all times.

  • In corporate setting use simple colors and avoid nail art.

  • Try using the same nail technician for your nails all the time. Familiarity will ensure consistency and increased efficiency.

  • Eat the right kinds of food to ensure that your nails stay strong and healthy.

  • Once in a while mismatch your nails and toe colors for some added fun.

  • If you dont work in the corporate world, try out some of the fun yet classy nail art from the Polish'd technicians.

  • Visit Polish'd Beauty Bar! Why? - Clean, sanitized environment, professional service with excellent customer service, relaxed atmosphere with the best soothing tunes and most importantly, quality nail polish and nail art products with affordable pricing.


  • Leave your nail polish on for more than 2 weeks

  • Bite your nail as you will pass dirt into your body! Either clip or file your nails.

  • Pull or tear off nails

  • Ignore cutie or nail inflammation.

  • Don't leave your acrylic nails for more than 6 weeks. it should be redone to avoid the growth of fungus or water damage to nail and cuticle structure.

Thank you Polis'd for these amazing tips! To get pampered, you may book an appointment by calling them on +233 208916401.


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