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My Favorite Lip Colours

Hayet Rida3 Comments
My Favorite Lip Colours

I have to say lip colour is my favorite part of makeup! I get try different colors which ultimately gives my face an instant attitude change depending on what colour it is. Over the year, I have used a couple in my photoshoots but by far these are my best choices listed below. Let me know what your favorites are below! Do Share!

MAC RETRO MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOUR IN DANCE WITH ME. This matte drying liquid colour is an easy wear giving my lips an even red cover. My top and bottom lips happen to be different shades, but I do not notice it with this red shade, unlike others I have tried! It is not as long lasting as I would have hoped it would be, as it tends to fade from the inner lip out once I drink something.

SO AESTHETICS VALENTINA LIPSTICK. I use this lipstick more often than any other. It goes with almost everything I wear and easily transitions from day to night. It is a medium burgundy shade with great moisturizing features. Happy news is that it is sold right here in Ghana! The only nay, I would have to be the fact that the lipstick easily breaks and so care needs to be taken when handling it.

LYVV MATTE LIPSTAIN IN MAMI. Another African brand to be proud of is made by Senegalese entrepreneurs. This smooth easy glide on lipgloss is long lasting and quite moisturizing. It is a purple shade that works well during the day and night. Even though it dries on matte, it does not overly dry my lips or crack. It also smells quite heavenly.

TAOS COSMETICS MATTE LIPGLOSS IN GOLD COAST. This Nigerian made brand was the first brand where I found a nude brown shade that looked really good, not just on me but on pretty much everyone that tried it. It dries on matte but after a few hours of wear, it begins to crack up and dry your lips. A good way to battle this out is to wear some kind of lip moisturizer before applying this product.

MAC MEDIA LIPSTICK. I can't help but feel incredibly bad ass when I wear this shade. Media is a dark burgundy colour which works well for me for my night time looks. Without much makeup, it glams up my look instantly. It VERY VERY moisturizing! No dry lips here!

Well there you have it! My lip colour obsessions! Try them out when you can and do not forget to tag me in your images! Thanks for stopping by.




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