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Exaggerated Vest

Hayet RidaComment
Exaggerated Vest

Finally a vest that us ladies can wear and still feel very chic! Thank you ELOM FIAGBE! It is all in the cut. It has a regular front collar and lapel and extended vest length. The sides are completely open, with two belts keeping the vest tied onto you. This is where the appeal comes in. Unlike other vests, this one is quite fitted and the open sides allow for your body shape to take centre stage as well. Very very feminine. 

I layered the vest over a white fitted shirt to keep the look day time. If wanted to take this look into the night time, you would simply remove the shirt for some bare skin on the sides. Note, not advised for night time cocktails or formal dinners. Parties or the club scene might work better.

My vintage glasses are from none other than Blossom & Wednesday. it added a little funk to my outfit with the so fashionable fun white round lining within the slight cat eye black frames.


Enjoying my new purse find from SOLE INSPIRATION. It is made from 100% leather adorned with brass details. To see more or purchase this purse, visit the Elle Lokko store in Osu for their pop store there tomorrow May 24th, 2017. 



sunglasses | BLOSSOM & WEDNESDAY 

photography | BRYN KAYDEE


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