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Three Ways My Way!

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Three Ways My Way!

Do you know that feeling when you get a special piece in your closet that you would love to wear over and over again? That is how I felt about my yellow organza blouse from Ophelia Crossland, and so set out to style it three different ways. I could have gone on and on but I thought three seemed like a fair number for a blog post, no? Well let us get into it!

I did not necessarily do anything drastically different with the blouse itself for the three looks, but restyled them appropriately for three different events.

The first look was my casual, weekend option. Easy breezy weekend! A great way to make plain pieces interesting is to pair them up with a fun print that matches up nicely. I have had this vintage yellow and black maxi skirt for a while now, and it finally came in handy. 

Skirt | Vintage

A little smart casual for the second option, pairing the blouse with jeans. I love mixing textures like these. So up top you have soft, flowy fabric and at the bottom a bit more rigid and tight fitting. I see myself wearing this out to lunch or to a day time event on the weekend. This could even work for easy Fridays. I broke the yellow and clashed it with some colour with my Nkapo necklace.

Necklace | NKAPO

This next outfit is a great one for a cocktail. Bright I know, for a cocktail but hey, live a little. This could also pass for a garden wedding. The off shoulder element is just so romantic! :D 

I threw in a little wild element with the red leopard print clutch from Blossom & Wednesday.

No matter how you choose to switch it, flip it, mis it, just make sure you have fun with it. Do not stress about repeating pieces!!!

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