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Akua Asante | Ethnic Revolution

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Akua Asante | Ethnic Revolution

Once in a blue moon, a star is born in African fashion scene. That star this time around is Akua Asante! I remember when I first laid eyes on her collection images, I was blown away! I thought, "Nooooo, must be Delpozo pieces or something!" Looking closer at the embroidery detail and the culture references, it all became clear! This designer is not only African but Ghanaian with some crazy talent! Instantly my fashion world became brighter! This new kid on the block had me sitting up, wide eyed, heart pounding and smiling.

Akua Asante's first collection; Ethnic Revolution was debuted as her Graduating collection from Instituto Marangoni in the UK. She built her concept for the collection on the combination of futuristic movement of fashion and the Ghanaian culture. When you look at some of trends coming out of the West, we see a lot of abstract ideas and shapes and plain colors which signifies to me a sense of continuous movement. Akua Asante has managed to combine that idea with elements from her Ghanaian heritage in the form of bold colors and embroidery details. Genius! 

"The concept is also linked with the challenge of globalisation in my country; the lack of interaction between Ghana and other cultures. Connecting the difficulties being faced in this present day to my core idea in a way they interact, can create a compelling story through fashion."


I have personally been looking for a fresh new direction to take my fashion into and this modern minimalistic and yet still so bold trend is where I want to be. The collection and its innovation, garment construction skill and colour combinations are all quite inspiring! This is a brand to definitely keep an eye on. The Akua Asante brand's future is certainly going to be a bright one.


To view the entire Ethnic Revolution collection, click on my BLOG tab!

collection | AKUA ASANTE  (www.akuaasante.com)

creative direction | KOBBY ADU


photography | FOTO DEPOH GH

makeup | Jes- Iscah



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