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Loving Yourself Above The Trends

Hayet Rida4 Comments
Loving Yourself Above The Trends

Society tends to move us, consumers in the way that is current and trendy. That is not such a terrible thing. I quite enjoy seeing the newest trends come down the runways during the fashion week seasons, or reading the must have products on blogs or magazines. There are some items I definitely jump on, but there are others that I do not touch. probably because I know it would look hideous on me, or I am not sure how to rock that trend effortlessly.  

People move with the trends, but often enough they are for the wrong reasons. It is great to see us moving towards the future, but at what costs? 

Fashion should be fun and an expression of who you are as a person. Unfortunately some use fashion and make-up to cover up who they are/ insecurities or to fit in. They constantly make it a point to be at the trendiest locations just to seen with the right kinds of people. The worst situation we can put ourselves in is to wear, consume certain products because we think it will make us look good in the eyes of others, fit in or seem just as cool. News flash!!! Under everything you have on some people can still smell your insecurity or unhappiness. When you go home and you take off all that make-up, guess what? YOU WILL STILL BE MISERABLE!!!!

If you fit any of the descriptions above, it is high time you start to use fashion for the right reasons. For the reasons that, you love what you see, it fits your personal style exceptionally well or because it is a simply something you need for your closet. If you were the only one on earth how would be dress in a decent way? How would you carry yourself?

 How do you get there you ask? It takes a lot of work and time, but you will get there! I personally only began to understand my personal style after college! As you also age, your style will evolve with your age and new interests in life. Here are a few steps that could help you find yourself.

1. Be honest with yourself about your unhappiness. Then begin to take the things or people who are contributing to this unhappiness out of your life. Trust me it is for the best. Happiness starts from there.

2. With no makeup on, designer clothing or wigs, take a look in the mirror and start to say positive things about yourself.  You may do this as much as you need in order to improve your appreciation for yourself.

3. Eat well. eating the right kinds food will not only help you feel better but will help you look better as well. You will rarely get sick and your skin will glow. More fruits and greens will save you future trips to the hospitals. Ask the vegans ;). Exercise regularly to keep fit and release those happy endorphins in your body.

4. Do something new every week or every two weeks. This helps you to learn more about yourself and other interesting things out there. You never know what will make your heart happy!

5. Clean out your closet. Clean out all the lies, masks, and things you never really loved but did it because society said you had to. Leave what you think is more you!

6. Once you are in a good place, peel back on the fashion trends. Be mindful of what you purchase. Do it in happiness and not in fear or doubt about yourself. Get that new haircut you have been dying to get or try that waist length straight wig you know will suit you. Whatever you do, do you for you!

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