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My Cornrows

Hayet Rida2 Comments
My Cornrows

It has been absolutely amazing reading all your positive comments and questions about my hair and the cornrow styles I have been trying. Thank you so much! They mean a lot. In this blog post, I will share with you my reasons for changing my hair up to cornrows, where I get it done and also how to keep your cornrows fresh for longer periods.

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As a child, I always had my hair in cornrows. Literally all the time! My hair would go from one cornrow style to getting washed and then back to cornrows. It was a great relief for my caregivers as they didn't have to deal with the mass that was my hair. I am very thankful for that because I believe that it helped to maintain healthy hair length. There was less breakage as there was less "hair play". Fast track to college, where I was free as a bird. I stopped braiding my hair completely, discovered the flat iron and that was the beginning of the end of my thick texture! I would see lots of my hair on the ground after every combing. The excessive heat was such a bad idea. It just became harder to maintain waist length hair.

In these past months I have embarked on a journey to get that thick hair back by taking my moisturizing, and weekly treatments very seriously. I have also decided to try as much as possible when I can, to put my hair into protective styles such as cornrows, buns and reducing how tightly I hold my hair in ponytails.

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To be honest, I have been having the most fun trying out new cornrow styles that I find on the internet. My hair gets to be put away and not played with. I work out a lot and so I don't have to deal with the aftermath mess that I usually get after sweating so much. Going to sleep is very easy. All I do is to tie my silk scarf around my cornrows or use my silk hair bonnet to keep it fresh till morning. Once in a while during the week depending on how dry my hair looks, I will go through my lines with some moisturizer. 

There are two places where I get my hair braided in Accra. On the Main Osu Oxford Street at a salon called Shenells. The second place I go to is Aunty Alice, located in the Trade Fair area, behind the Bake Shop Classics bakery. I was just introduced to this place and I must say I have been quite pleased. I found the sweetest lady who just gets my head! I usually show her the style of choice  and she immediately gets it done, but in a way that suits my head. She adds her own little twists and curves that I have never hated.

Here are a few of my favorite cornrow styles I found online. Hope you can find happiness in one of these!


Thank you fro stopping by! I always love your questions, so keep them coming.

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