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Q & A with Acquah Petit

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Q & A with Acquah Petit

I met Acquah Acquah Petit last year.  Budding stylist and style influencer was looking to collaborate and exchange ideas. He was always super well dressed down to the detail. I could tell that he thought his outfits through but quite effortlessly. He had style.

We first shot the Nkrumah pencil campaign for  Keky3 fabrics, released on Kwame Nkrumah's birthday. Today I encouraged him to share who he is with the rest of the world! I asked the questions and he answered. 

All the fabric from my outfits are from Keky3 Fabrics.

All the fabric from my outfits are from Keky3 Fabrics.

1. Why is it important for you to be a style influencer?
It is important to educate and influence the dressing of gentlemen for the modern men.

2. How easy or hard is it for you to stay true to your style in Ghana?
It is quite easy to stay true to my style because I choose my style and decide what to wear.

3. Do shop a lot or do have most of your outfits made?
I do shop for some of my outfits depending on what I want to wear, When I want a specific style that is designed by myself, I get a tailor to make it for me.

4. Best advice for male shoppers?
Look out for quality of fabric, trendy cuts and fit.

The quality of fabric for everything you buy is important. If it is a suit, the cut of the suit is essential. It must be well measured to fit well.

If it is bought from the shop and it is loose take it to your tailor to work on it for you.


5. Best stores for men in Accra?
in my opinion, the best stores for men are Prince Collections in Osu and Wardrobeyak in West Legon.

6. Favourite male designers And why?
My favourite designers will be Chocolate by Kweku Bediako of Ghana,Mai Atafo of Nigeria.

Chocolate by Kweku Bediako is an amazing designer who makes Kaftans and shirts. His work crosses borders and his love for our continent is clearly exhibited in his designs.

Mai Atafo of Nigeria is what I will call  the modern man's designer. He took his time to study the art of suit making. His style is impeccable. He designs for both male and female.

7. Two fashion faux pas men should avoid?

Do not wear any outfit that does not fit well. Your shoes speak volumes about you,it speaks before  you even say a word.

8. If you had your way, What would you do to make fashion for men better in Ghana?
I would organize an event to bring designers, stylists and fashionistas together. It will help everyone who loves fashion to come together to share ideas and plans together.

Example is what PITTI OUMO does. This is organized every year in Italy.

9. Anything inspirational to share with your fellow fashionistas?

Your appearance speaks more about you than you know, don't ever forget your style.


To see more images of Acquah Petit, you can visit his Instagram page- @aquahpetit1

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