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Cocktail With Merchants on Long

Hayet RidaComment
Cocktail With Merchants on Long

This is is the third and final post about my partnership with Merchants on Long this year. I served up some casual wear and in this post, I turn it up slightly with outfits one could wear to a cocktail or work event.

Let us start with Kisua! I am always up for matching set and Kisua did just that mixing a blue and white print with solid brown fabric. I love the belt tie in the mid section to show off your waist line.

Found the gold earrings I am wearing from Zara. Mismatched gold plates to compliment the brown outfit!

IMG_2174_Facetune_18-10-2018-11-25-46 2.jpg

Now for the final look which also happens to be my favorite!!!!! God bless Lukhanyo Mdingi for these fine pieces. the blouse is silver shiny knit which gives off a metallic feel when seen from afar. The skirt is solid wool perfect for the cool weather in spring in Cape Town.

I added color on my lips, earrings and purse. I could have also kept my purse dark colored to keep the attention on the outfit.


I hope you enjoyed this series with me. Until the next time I am in South Africa, Later loves!!!

— Afua

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