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Summer 2018 Trends

Hayet RidaComment
Summer 2018 Trends

During the Spring and Summer seasons we usually tend do the most shopping! New pieces, colors, styles and trends to dive into. In this blog post I decided to make your shopping a little bit easier by highlighting trends you might want to look out for as you shop. You can shop the products by clicking on the images. I have listed a mix of both high and low cost products. Enjoy!

Oversized jacket. Being covered up is really the new sexy! This year’s over sized jacket trend literally has women looking like 1980s coat hanger models and I LOVE IT. A lot is left to the imagination with slight view of the upper chest or legs.

  • Palazzo pants; because you need more yards to cover up under your over sized jacket. 🤣🤣 I don’t think I need to go into how versatile these pants are buuuutttt... sure ... why not? You can literally pair anything with palazzo pants. Crop tops, body suits, t shirts, jackets ... literally anything.


Floral prints. Get yourself a whole entire garden if you can. This season is in full bloom and I honestly can not get enough of the soft, flow fabrics printed with the most flattering floral arrangements that some how suit all skin tones.

Here are some luxury options from Self Portrait. Click the images to shop

Some low cost options from Zara. Shop HERE

The A line skirt. It is not so much about the pencil skirt this season. This reoccurring trend is seen with skirts and dresses.


Statement Sleeves. Pump it, you’ll love it. Also another versatile piece that works well in any fabric or print. However I seem to be drawn to them more in white cotton, as it balances out the volume with the simplistic whites.


Kitten heels. I sang praises when I saw so many kitten heeled shoe styles coming out. For tall ladies like myself, sometimes you just want to do a low heel without looking incomplete in a flat sandal. Get you point on! The heels are coming out, kitten and pointed. Perfect for elongating those legs. 

Bulky sneakers; Or as others would phrase it, “the ugly sneaker”. I am honestly having a love hate relationship with these Chucky soles. I see the sneakers on people, looks great on some and others not so much. You have got to know how to style these bulky shoes or you risk looking awkward or just another person following a trend blindly.

Slides; Over the past two or three years, slides have been pushing their way from the beach or the gym, into our casual chic looks, street style picks and now into our semi casual looks. That’s probably because brands keep coming out with the cutest most stylish slip ons that need to see more than just your home! 

Thank you for stopping by! Don't forget you can simply click on the product images to shop the looks. Look out for Part 2 coming out soon!

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