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Vlisco | 2019 Ready!

Hayet RidaComment
Vlisco | 2019 Ready!

Hello People!

Yes, a wholleeee Vlisco style post usually means one thing! NEW FABRIC COLLECTION IN STORES!!! It is the first collection this year hitting our shores and boy do they have many hidden fabric surprises. Be enticed by the new shapes blooming into spirals, buds and blades hypnotizing you into the gardens of your dreams. But pay close attention and you will discover the new wax technology technique used to embellish the wax prints. Flowing between motives, find, silver, rose gold and gold embellishments that will effortlessly take your look to new heights. Enjoy the two patterns Stylista Ghana used for the two cocktail outfits she designed for me.


I was privileged to be back in one of my favorite event locations, The Signature. Vast land, half green gardens half beach front, serves as the location for my get away weddings, parties and company retreats for those who would like to take themselves out of Accra but just an hour or less away.


Thank you for passing by; BUT for those who would love to order the fabric I have on or variations of those motives, click Vlisco.com to shop!

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location | THE SIGNATURE

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